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Terms of Use

All graphics (it means animated gifs, arrows, avatars, backgrounds, banners, bullets, buttons, icons, lines, logos, shapes, smileys) on this site are available for public use in whichever way you like.

You may NOT hotlink to my graphics. You must download them and use them on your own server.

When you hotlink another site's pictures or downloads, you are raping precious bandwidth (otherwise known as Internet traffic) from said site. If on the paid host, hotlinking can and WILL lead to the domain owner having to foot more money than they care to just because of someone else's inconsiderate actions. I don't allow hotlinking on my domain for this reason; why should I have to pay at what should be someone else's expense?

Besides, from time to time, we change the name of the images or remove them.


This site is protected by copyright. This site is intended for private or internal use of our visitors, which it is not allowed to reproduce the site other than by downloading and viewing on a single computer and/or printing a single hard copy. Without prior written permission of is not allowed this site otherwise reproduce, transmit or make available on a network. It is not allowed to frame this site.

All text and images on this site are property of unless otherwise noted. Without the written permission of is not permitted to use these marks.

Information on the website.
This site is intended to provide graphics and images to our visitors.

Information for the visitors.
We do not store any addresses, phone numbers, IP addresses or email addresses and we don't have a database with informatins about our visitors.





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